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Global Investment trading is a company specialized in cryptocurrency trading and blockchain application development. Founded in November 2017, its flagship product is cryptocurrency management through its LIYEPLIMAL platform.

Liyeplimal withdrawals are made once a month and requests for withdrawals are made from the 1st to the 20th of each month before noon (Cameroon time). The processing of these requests is done on the 24thand payments are made from the 25th to the 30th of each month.

There are various means of withdrawal, namely:


In order make withdrawals with your Liyeplimal Visa card, you have to make sure that:

Your card has been successfully activated.

That it is empty, because the limit of the cards of the segment of which it is part is 2 000 000 FCFA per month. 

Avoid multiple withdrawals in little quantity since the monthly limit for withdrawals with this card is $3330 limos from your Liyeplimal account.

Both names of the card and of the account are identical.


       Bank withdrawals are conditional on the acquisition of a minimum pack of $51,200 Limos for a minimum request of $8000 Limos. Any request beneath this amount will simply be cancelled.

     Bank withdrawals for the Liyeplimal community in Cameroon will exclusively be done through GLOBAL FINANCE as from the end of August 2021. All those who wish to make bank withdrawals are kindly requested to open accounts in the said institution.


Simbcoin withdrawals are now possible from the Liyeplimal platform and the minimum withdrawal amount is 100 Simbcoins. 


  Withdrawals via Orange Money and Mobile Money are only possible in Cameroon.


Withdrawals by Bitcoin or Payeer are not allowed.

Limo dollars are valued at 550 FCFA for mobile withdrawals and 600 FCFA by any other means.

From now on, all information will be published on our website- on the latest news tab (important announcement). Please consult this section from time to time in oredr to get the latest updates.

                                                                                                                                     Issued in Douala, 10th August 2021


               SIMB Emile Parfait


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